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Hope Technologies

HOPE, as a company has now worked at the leading edge of engineering technology since 1989. Ian Weatherill and Simon Sharp, 2 Rolls Royce aerospace engineers decided that the brakes on their newly discovered mountain bikes weren't up to scratch when compared to the motorbikes they were used to riding. A mechanical brake was produced and a hub to attach it to, and that, as they say, is where the story started.

Now, 22 years on, they employ 85 people (several of whom started out at the beginning and a huge 90% who live within 2 miles of the factory) to run over 50 CNC machines, 24 hours a day. The whole range of components are produced in house. The design team use their extensive knowledge and skills on the latest computer aided design software to create drawings, 3D printed models and prototypes that are then turned into the finished parts.

Everything is made in the Barnoldswick Factory (with the exception of electonics in the lights, rubber seals, pad material, hose and bearings) right down to the connectors, shims, pawls, and other small parts that go into making the finished piece.

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